China’s new guidelines block Intel and AMD chips in government computers: FT

China’s new guidelines block Intel and AMD chips in government computers: FT
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China’s new guidelines block Intel and AMD chips in government computers: FT

China has recently introduced stringent guidelines aimed at replacing U.S. processors with domestic alternatives in government computers and servers, as reported by the Financial Times on Sunday.

Impact on Major Tech Players and Operating Systems

These guidelines, disclosed on Dec. 26, are now in effect and extend their influence to Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign-produced database software, favoring Chinese equivalents, according to the report.

Mandate for Government Agencies

Government entities at the township level and above have been instructed to procure processors and operating systems deemed “safe and reliable,” the Financial Times noted.

Response from Chip Giants

Both AMD and Intel have refrained from commenting on the report.

Context: China’s Drive for Semiconductor Self-Reliance

China’s move comes amidst a broader effort to bolster its domestic semiconductor industry and reduce dependency on foreign technology.

The Global Semiconductor Landscape

Semiconductors, crucial components utilized in various devices ranging from smartphones to medical equipment, have become central to the technological rivalry between the U.S. and China.

U.S. Export Restrictions

The United States has implemented export controls to limit Beijing’s access to vital semiconductor equipment and technologies.

Escalating U.S. Measures

In response to perceived national security concerns, Washington has steadily tightened its restrictions. In October 2022, it introduced regulations aimed at curbing China’s access to advanced semiconductor chips.

Targeted Sanctions

Since 2019, Chinese tech giants like Huawei and SMIC, the country’s largest chipmaker, have faced sanctions from the U.S., impeding their access to advanced technology.

Challenges Faced by SMIC

SMIC’s efforts to procure extreme ultraviolet lithography machines, crucial for advanced chip manufacturing, have been hindered by sanctions, notably from ASML, a key supplier in this sector.


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