Cyber Salus Expands its Global Footprint with Launch in the Middle East & Pakistan

Cyber Salus Expands its Global Footprint with Launch in the Middle East & Pakistan
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April 17, 2024

Karachi, Pakistan

CyberSalus, Leading Cybersecurity Firm, Expands into the Middle East and Pakistan

CyberSalus, recognized as the fastest-growing cybersecurity company in North America, made a resounding debut in the Middle East and Pakistan on April 17, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion. The launch event, impeccably managed by StarLinks PR and Event Management, brought together esteemed guests from the corporate world and the media, setting the stage for CyberSalus’ impactful entry into the region’s cybersecurity landscape.

Key Highlights:

  1. Dynamic Launch Event: The event, orchestrated by StarLinks PR and Event Management, commenced with a vibrant red carpet reception, setting the tone for an evening of celebration and innovation. Dr. Muzna, the esteemed host, gracefully welcomed dignitaries and guests, including prominent figures from the corporate sphere and media.
  2. Distinguished Speakers: Notable speakers, including Arif Habib, Chairman of Arif Habib Group, Yaseen Anwar, Former Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan, Sirajuddin Aziz, Banking Ombudsman of Pakistan, and Joel Hagy, Senior Director of Global Cyber Operations at CyberSalus, delivered insightful remarks, emphasizing the significance of CyberSalus’ entry into the Middle East and Pakistan.
  3. Expert Insights: Darrin Tyacke, Chief Operating Officer of CyberSalus, highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to diverse industries, such as financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, and government sectors.
  4. Visionary Leadership: Sher Ali Baig, Founder & CEO of CyberSalus, expressed his excitement about investing in Pakistan’s youth through the launch of CyberSalus office in Karachi. He emphasized the company’s dedication to bridging the talent gap and fostering economic growth in the region.
  5. Consulate Support: U.S. Consul General Conrad Tribble extended congratulations to CyberSalus for its expansion into Pakistan, emphasizing the Consulate’s support for businesses investing in the country and leveraging its diverse talent pool.


CyberSalus’ launch in the Middle East and Pakistan, in collaboration with StarLinks PR and Event Management, signals a new era of cybersecurity excellence and innovation in the region. With its visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and strategic partnerships, CyberSalus is poised to make a transformative impact, safeguarding critical infrastructure and driving economic growth.

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About CyberSalus:

CyberSalus is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to safeguarding critical infrastructure and data from evolving cyber threats. With a focus on people, processes & technology, CyberSalus offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Headquartered in Florida, USA, with offices globally, including Karachi, Pakistan, CyberSalus is committed to delivering excellence and driving innovation in the cybersecurity landscape.

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