The Glassworker: Pakistan’s Groundbreaking Animated Feature Debuts at Annecy

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Pakistan’s “The Glassworker” Shatters Barriers, Makes Historic Debut at Annecy Animation Festival

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistani animation has reached a monumental milestone. Mano Animation Studios’ groundbreaking film, “The Glassworker,” has shattered barriers by becoming the first-ever hand-drawn animated movie from the subcontinent to be selected for the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2024’s official competition.

A Dream Realized: “The Glassworker” Enters the Global Stage

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, held annually in June, is the world’s oldest and most respected animation event. This year, “The Glassworker” will proudly stand alongside a diverse range of animated features, including works from Hollywood, Japan, and other international powerhouses. Films like “Sultana’s Dream” (Spain), “Gill South” (Korea), “The Missing” (Philippines), and “The Birth of Kitaro” (Japan) will share the spotlight with the Pakistani masterpiece.

Geo Films Champions Domestic and International Release

Geo Films, a powerhouse in Pakistani cinema revival responsible for iconic projects like “Khuda Kay Liye,” “Bol,” and “The Legend of Maula Jutt,” will be presenting “The Glassworker” both domestically and internationally. Pakistani audiences can look forward to the film’s release this summer under the banners of Geo Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment.

the glassworker may still be in its infancy but the ever creative usman has already penned a script for it photos publicity

The Glassworker may still be in its infancy but the ever-creative Usman has already penned a script for it. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Director Usman Riaz Reflects on a Decade-Long Journey

Usman Riaz, the director who embarked on this ambitious journey a decade ago in 2014, expressed his overwhelming joy. “No one believed a hand-drawn animated film of this scale could be made in Pakistan,” he remarked. “To premiere at Annecy alongside the world’s best animation is an indescribable feeling. We defied the odds. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering perseverance of the entire team.” Riaz continued, expressing his gratitude to the Annecy team for recognizing “The Glassworker” not just as a film, but as a powerful symbol of dedication and the power of dreams.

Producer Khizer Riaz Celebrates Studio’s Triumph

Khizer Riaz, the film’s producer, echoed the sentiment. “Having our debut animated feature selected for Annecy is a monumental honor,” he said. Established through Riaz’s vision and fueled by a collective passion for animation, Mano Animation Studios stands as Pakistan’s first dedicated hand-drawn animation studio. “What began as an idea has blossomed into a full-fledged studio,” Riaz stated, “and hopefully, the dawn of a new era in Pakistani animation.” This international recognition is a dream come true for the studio, further amplifying their aspirations to keep telling unique South Asian stories through the captivating art of hand-drawn animation.

Mano Animation Studios: A Beacon for Pakistani Animation

Located in Karachi, Mano Animation Studios is helmed by a passionate trio: founder Usman Riaz, co-founder Mariam Paracha, and CEO Khizer Riaz. With “The Glassworker,” they aim to not only establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the global film and animation landscape, but also become a prominent voice for South Asian storytelling through the power of hand-drawn animation. Their groundbreaking achievement paves the way for future Pakistani animation endeavors, showcasing the immense talent and potential within the country’s creative scene.

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