Saudi-Pak Connect: A Gateway to Trade organized by Knowledge Fest

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May 18, 2024

Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is positioned to gain from Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, as stated by the Ambassador.

Pakistani Ambassador Ahmed Farooq has encouraged Pakistanis to take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by concentrating on skill development and dedicated efforts.

Ambassador Ahmed Farooq

“The time has come for Pakistanis to convince themselves,” Ambassador Farooq stated via video link at the seminar. He stressed the importance of seizing the opportunities presented by Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation plans, particularly in sectors such as construction and IT, where Pakistan can play a significant role.
The seminar, held in Karachi, gathered notable figures from the business community, including Engineer Naeem Khanani, former federal minister Ashfaq Tola, and former Abad chairman Hasan Bakshi.

Ample Opportunities Present in Saudi Vision 2030:

Engineer Naeem Khanani, the program organizer, highlighted Saudi Arabia’s trillion-dollar investment in construction and their need for skilled manpower. He expressed confidence that Pakistan is well-positioned to meet this demand.

Engineer Naeem Khanani, Co-Founder Knowledge Fest

Skilled Workforce Key to Success:

Ambassador Farooq emphasized the significance of a proficient Pakistani workforce to optimize the advantages. He highlighted the government’s efforts to bolster training and skill enhancement for the 2.5 million Pakistanis employed in Saudi Arabia. He stated that this would not only benefit the workers but also result in augmented remittances.

Emphasis on Information Technology and Strategic Planning:

Zubair Motiwala, chairman of T-Dap, underscored the importance of Pakistan harnessing its IT proficiency. He advocated for the promotion of freelancing and policy adjustments to foster the sector’s expansion.

Former federal minister Ashfaq Tola drew attention to Saudi Arabia’s requirement of 500,000 skilled workers under Vision 2030. He proposed that the government allocate 50,000 positions for accountants, taking into account the challenges posed by language barriers.

Hassan Bakshi, former chairman of Abad, disclosed plans for a delegation visit to Saudi Arabia in the near future, indicative of the significant interest in investigating business and employment prospects.

The seminar, comprising six sessions encompassing varied viewpoints, underscored the considerable potential for a mutually advantageous collaboration between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the foreseeable future.

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