The University of York introduces a cutting-edge living lab to build public confidence in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The University of York introduces a cutting-edge living lab to build public confidence in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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Unveiling the Institute for Safe Autonomy (ISA): Pioneering Research in AI Safety

In a significant stride towards ensuring the safety and reliability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, the £45 million Institute for Safe Autonomy (ISA) is inaugurated. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to serve as a vital space for conducting comprehensive research and furnishing evidence regarding the safety of AI for everyday utilization.

Director’s Vision: Integrating AI into Daily Life

At the helm of ISA stands Professor Miles Elsden, who underscores the profound integration of technology into our daily routines. With AI already permeating various facets of modern life, Elsden emphasizes the imperative of instilling public confidence in its safety.

Support for Enterprises: Fostering Innovation in AI and Robotics

ISA’s mandate extends beyond research, offering invaluable support to small and medium enterprises operating in the dynamic fields of AI and robotics. By providing conducive spaces for innovation and collaboration, ISA aims to catalyze advancements in AI technology while prioritizing safety.

Image By: University of York. The institute aims to address public concerns about AI

Key to Trust: Emphasizing Safety Assurance

Central to ISA’s mission is the concept of “safety assurance” as the linchpin for bolstering public trust in autonomous technology. Professor Elsden stresses the importance of addressing concerns surrounding AI development by substantiating its safety for everyday use through rigorous research and evidence-based approaches.

Exploring Real-World Applications: Projects in Focus

ISA embarks on a spectrum of pioneering projects aimed at exploring the practical applications of autonomous systems. From investigating the safe integration of robots in emergency hospital triage to enhancing social care through automated domestic tasks, ISA’s research endeavors span critical domains with far-reaching implications.

Dedicated Facilities: Fostering Collaborative Research

ISA’s purpose-built facility serves as a vibrant hub for over 100 researchers hailing from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. Equipped with state-of-the-art workspaces and testing facilities, ISA provides an unparalleled environment for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

Partnerships for Progress: Collaborative Endeavors

ISA’s collaborative ethos extends beyond academia to encompass partnerships with industry, government, and civil society. By fostering synergistic relationships, ISA aims to drive forward research into safe, ethical applications of autonomous systems, thereby advancing societal well-being.

Joint Endeavor: Funding and Support

The establishment of ISA is made possible through joint funding from Research England (via the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund), the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and the University of York. This collective investment underscores the collective commitment towards advancing AI safety and innovation.

Redefining the Future of AI

As ISA embarks on its transformative journey, it heralds a new era in AI research, one characterized by a steadfast commitment to safety, ethics, and societal benefit. With its multidisciplinary approach and collaborative ethos, ISA stands poised to redefine the future landscape of AI, ensuring that technology serves as a force for good in the world.

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