Decibel HRMS Takes Center Stage: Replacing Workday HCM at Telenor Pakistan!

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Decibel HRMS Takes Center Stage: Replacing Workday HCM at Telenor Pakistan!

In a historic move towards digitalizing talent management, Telenor Pakistan has embraced the revolutionary Decibel HRMS. The introduction of Decibel 360, now branded as ‘TP HR Connect’ within Telenor, marks an unprecedented achievement, with its deployment completed within a remarkable timeframe of 5 months. This feat, coupled with custom-built configurations, has set a new record for speed and efficiency in implementation.

Pioneering Enterprise Cloud Adoption

This affiliation positions Telenor Pakistan as a trailblazer among visionary organizations adopting enterprise cloud solutions like Decibel HRMS. Offering a comprehensive suite of HR functionalities including Recruitment, Performance, Increment & Bonus modules, Decibel HRMS provides a consolidated catalog of features within a unified system. The move not only underscores Pakistan’s ingenuity and capability but also signals a shift towards promoting local solutions over international ones, especially when tailored localization is imperative.

Decibel HRMS: Leading the Charge

Established in 2009, Decibel HRMS stands as Pakistan’s largest and most secure HR enterprise cloud platform, catering to over 250 local and multinational clients with a collective workforce exceeding 220,000 employees. Expanding its reach to 9 countries and beyond, Decibel HRMS offers a unique blend of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, all under one roof. With a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, Decibel HRMS is dedicated to delivering unparalleled employee experiences and shaping the future landscape of HR.


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