Advocating Men’s Health: The Triumph of Raising Mo’mentum Event

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Earlier this week, Raising Momentum Health Event took place in Habitt Auditorium.

Pioneers in Business and Health Unite to Propel Men’s Health Awareness

In a resounding tribute to men’s health awareness, the ‘Raising Mo’mentum’ gala unfolded as a monumental success, assembling a league of distinguished individuals and revered experts from the corporate sphere. Orchestrated by Ms. Anum Tahir, the driving force behind Digital Cloud Hub and Initiate Magazine, the event not only showcased an unwavering dedication to health advocacy but also boasted an impressive roster of attendees.

 Notable Figures in Attendance

His Excellency Consul General Malaysia – Mr. Herman Hardynata

The esteemed presence of Mr. Hardynata underscored the pivotal role health initiatives play in fostering a healthier society.

Chief Guest – Dr. Farhan Essa, CEO Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre

Dr. Essa, an icon in the medical domain, shared invaluable insights into men’s health, accentuating the significance of early detection and preventive measures.

Guest of Honor – Mr. Majid Aziz, Esteemed Business Leader

Mr. Majid Aziz’s participation lent a touch of eminence to the event, symbolizing robust backing from the business community for health awareness initiatives.

Mr. Irfan Qureshi, Past District Governor- Rotary District 3271

Acknowledged for his community-centric endeavors, Mr. Irfan Qureshi’s presence underscored Rotary’s unwavering commitment to societal welfare.

Mr. Razzak Pardesi, Founder & CEO IHRI

A luminary in philanthropy, Mr. Razzak Pardesi shared profound insights, aligning IHRI’s mission with the noble cause of health advocacy.

Keynote Speaker – Ateeq ur Rehman, Renowned Financial Analyst & Anchor Person

Mr. Ateeq ur Rehman’s discourse set the tone for the evening, offering a comprehensive perspective on health through a financial lens

Guest Speakers:

– Mr. Aly Balagamwala, Hypnotherapist, NLP™ Master Practitioner, and Coach

– Mr. Muhammad Wasif

– Dr. Akram Sultan


– Dr. Akram Sultan

– M Sadeed Mirza

– Dr. Reema Sajjad

The gathering witnessed the convergence of notable business magnates, directors, and CEOs, signifying a collective pledge from the corporate domain to champion health awareness initiatives.

Beyond merely gathering influential figures from the business arena, ‘Raising Mo’mentum’ fostered an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and dedication to men’s health. Ms. Anum Tahir conveyed heartfelt appreciation to all participants, sponsors, and speakers for their invaluable contributions to this initiative.

Illuminating Men’s Health: Insights Shared at Raising Mo’mentum Event

Leaders Unveil Crucial Health Segments for Men: Physical, Mental, and Lifestyle Wellness

The ‘Raising Mo’mentum’ Event, a beacon for men’s health advocacy, delved deep into three interconnected pillars of wellness: physical health focusing on prevalent male diseases, mental and emotional well-being, and the essence of a fitness-centric lifestyle. Spearheaded by Ms. Anum Tahir, the event congregated eminent figures and experts, igniting discussions that shed light on pivotal aspects of men’s health.

Physical Health: Addressing Common Male Diseases

Dr. Farhan Essa, CEO of Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre Addressing Common Male Diseases

Underpinning the discussions on physical health were insights into prevalent diseases affecting men. Dr. Farhan Essa, CEO of Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre, emphasized the importance of early detection and prevention. Highlighting conditions like cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, and diabetes, the discourse stressed proactive measures for better health outcomes.

Mental and Emotional Health: Nurturing Well-being

The event provided a platform to unravel the layers of mental and emotional health. Mr. Aly Balagamwala, a Hypnotherapist and NLP™ Master Practitioner, underscored the significance of destigmatizing mental health discussions. Addressing stress, anxiety, and depression, speakers like Mr. Muhammad Wasif and Dr. Akram Sultan emphasized coping mechanisms and the need for accessible mental health support.

Dr. Akram Sultan
Mr. Muhammad Wasif
Mr. Aly Balagamwala














Fitness Lifestyle: Harmonizing Health and Wellness

The pivotal role of a fitness-oriented lifestyle in men’s health took center stage. Renowned Financial Analyst & Anchor Person, Mr. Ateeq ur Rehman, elucidated on the financial impact of neglecting health. Panelists like Dr. Reema Sajjad and M Sadeed Mirza elaborated on the importance of balanced nutrition, exercise routines, and holistic approaches to well-being

Beyond individual segments, the ‘Raising Mo’mentum’ gathering underscored the interdependence of these facets. It fostered an environment for holistic conversations, illuminating the symbiotic relationship between physical, mental, and lifestyle health.

Ms. Anum Tahir, expressing gratitude to the attendees, sponsors, and speakers, reinforced the need for ongoing dialogue and collective action to propel men’s health initiatives forward.
















In Conclusion:

‘Raising Mo’mentum’ stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of men’s health, uniting voices and inspiring a commitment to integrated wellness across the spectrum.

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