Meta’s Alleged Negligence in Protecting Teenagers: A Whistleblower’s Revelations

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In a startling revelation, a former Facebook engineering director and consultant, Arturo Bejar, accused Meta’s top executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, of ignoring the potential harm to teenagers using its platforms, such as Instagram. Bejar, a whistleblower, shared his concerns during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, shedding light on the company’s alleged negligence.

According to Bejar, Meta has fostered a culture of “see no evil, hear no evil,” which allows it to overlook internal evidence of harm while crafting carefully managed metrics to downplay the severity of the issue. This testimony comes amid growing criticisms of Meta’s platforms and their impact on society.

Meta Response to Criticisms

In response to these concerns, Meta has rolled out approximately 30 parental controls aimed at allowing parents to manage their children’s interactions and screen time on Facebook and Instagram. However, the effectiveness of these measures remains a subject of debate.

Chronic Congressional Scrutiny

Tuesday’s hearing marks yet another instance of Meta being at the center of congressional scrutiny. Lawmakers have long grappled with the challenge of regulating social media, facing hurdles such as industry lobbying, First Amendment concerns, and policy disagreements between Republicans and Democrats. Despite these challenges, both parties have united in their criticism of Meta, holding the company accountable for contributing to a nationwide mental health crisis.

A Smoking Gun in the Hands of the Whistleblower

Arturo Bejar’s testimony is reminiscent of Frances Haugen’s revelations two years ago. Haugen, another former Meta employee and a member of the Council for Responsible Social Media, came forward with internal documents suggesting that Instagram was aware of the potential harm it posed to children. Bejar’s testimony is seen as corroborating evidence, as he possesses emails and responses from senior executives, including former COO Sheryl Sandberg, which suggest that the company was aware of the issues.


The Harassment of Teens

One of the most alarming aspects of Bejar’s testimony is the prevalence of sexual harassment on Instagram. Bejar cited his own daughter’s experience, where she received unwanted sexual advances from strangers on the platform. According to Bejar’s research, more than 25% of 13-to-15-year-olds reported similar incidents, emphasizing the urgent need for action.

Meta’s Response and Controversy

In response to these allegations, Meta’s spokesman, Andy Stone, emphasized that the company is actively working to improve user safety, citing features such as anonymous notifications of potentially harmful content and comment warnings. However, Bejar’s claims raise questions about the company’s commitment to making substantive changes based on research.

Congressional Outrage

Lawmakers did not mince words in their criticism of Meta. Senator Richard Blumenthal accused the company of concealing credible evidence of harm, while Senator Josh Hawley decried Big Tech’s influence on the legislative process. He also accused Meta of manipulating data related to mental health impacts. Senator Marsha Blackburn questioned Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri’s commitment to addressing youth harms on the platform, which Bejar disputed.

The Impact of Social Media

Senator John Kennedy made a pointed observation about social media’s impact, suggesting that it has made it easier for people to engage in negative behavior. Bejar agreed, affirming that social media platforms often reward such behavior.

Bejar’s Personal Journey

Arturo Bejar’s involvement in this controversy began when his daughter experienced unwanted sexual advances on Instagram. Despite reporting the incidents, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, took no action. Bejar was subsequently hired by Facebook to investigate the issue but faced institutional obstacles that hindered his efforts to effect change.

Call for Greater Transparency

Bejar believes that Meta needs to be more transparent about the experiences of its users. He argued that if Zuckerberg were required to disclose survey data about self-reported negative experiences on the company’s platforms, it would lead to meaningful improvements in user safety.

Disturbing Survey Findings

Bejar’s research revealed disturbing statistics, including that more than one in four users under the age of 16 reported a “bad experience” with Instagram. Such experiences included witnessing hostility based on race, religion, or identity, as well as feeling worse about themselves after viewing others’ posts. Additionally, 13% reported experiencing unwanted sexual advances in the past week.

A Demand for Accountability

One of Bejar’s key allegations is that Meta has prioritized automated detection of rule-breaking content over human reviews of situations that don’t explicitly violate the company’s rules but are distressing to users. Despite reaching out to Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and other top executives, Bejar felt that his concerns went unaddressed.

Implications of Bejar’s Evidence

Bejar’s evidence is now part of a multistate federal lawsuit against Meta, potentially inspiring more whistleblowers to come forward. It provides a more comprehensive picture of the company’s internal knowledge and actions regarding the harm caused by its platforms.

Congressional Action

Lawmakers, including Hawley and Blumenthal, have pledged to advance the Kids’ Online Safety Act to address these issues. The growing consensus is that Big Tech companies are in need of greater regulation, drawing parallels to previous efforts to curb harmful products like tobacco.

In conclusion, Arturo Bejar’s testimony has brought to light the alleged negligence of Meta’s top executives regarding the harm inflicted on teens by their platforms. The evidence suggests that the company may have prioritized its bottom line over user safety. As Congress continues to scrutinize Big Tech, the call for greater transparency and accountability grows louder.

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