Team Initiate Engages with the Latest in Pharma Tech at the 20th Expo Edition!

Karachi Expo Centre Gears Up for the 20th Pharma Asia International Exhibition & Conferences!

Pharma Asia International Exhibition & Conferences: In a jubilant commemoration of two decades of advancements and collaborations within the pharmaceutical sector, the Karachi Expo Centre illuminated with innovation and industry expertise. The 20th iteration of the Pharma Asia International Exhibition & Conferences unfolded on the 14-16 of November 2023, marking a significant milestone for Pakistan’s…

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Starbucks Workers' 'Red Cup Rebellion': Uniting for Contracts Amid Strikes

Starbucks Workers Stage ‘Red Cup Day’ Strike: Union Efforts for First Contract Amid Corporate Resistance

The Long-Standing Battle for Worker Rights at Starbucks In a significant demonstration of worker activism, thousands of Starbucks employees across hundreds of stores initiated a strike on Thursday. This protest addressed the prolonged absence of a first contract despite a rigorous two-year organizing endeavor. Termed the ‘Red Cup Rebellion,’ this strike aimed for a singular-day…

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