Genesis announces high-performance ‘Magma’ GV60 and G80

Genesis announces high-performance 'Magma' GV60 and G80
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Genesis announces high-performance ‘Magma’ GV60 and G80

In a continuation of its New York reveals, Genesis has announced an ambitious venture into the realm of performance vehicles. Dubbed the “Magma” cars, this lineup draws inspiration from the striking orange hue that adorned the GV80 Coupe Concept showcased at last year’s New York Auto Show. This vibrant color scheme also graces the X Gran Berlinetta concept, notable for its inclusion in the popular racing game, Gran Turismo. The initial offerings in the Magma lineup will be the all-electric GV60 and the midsize G80 sedan.

The GV60: Spearheading Innovation

At the forefront of the Magma lineup stands the GV60, poised to make a global impact as the first release in this series not limited to a select run. Beyond its eye-catching orange paint, which extends to intricate details like the painted seat backs and double-diamond contrast stitching, the GV60 boasts enhancements aimed at performance optimization. Wider fender flares, enlarged grilles and vents for battery and powertrain cooling, as well as aerodynamic elements such as canards, fins, and a rear wing, all contribute to heightened downforce and stability. Even the wheels are designed for aerodynamic efficiency, with covers directing air to cool the brakes. While specific performance metrics remain undisclosed, drawing parallels with the Kia EV6 GT and Hyundai Ioniq 5 N suggests the GV60 may harness dual motors, potentially yielding a robust output comparable to its counterparts.

The G80: Elevating Sophistication with Performance

Joining the Magma lineup is the formidable G80, receiving similar treatment characterized by a wide body kit, augmented grilles, and additional hood vents. The vehicle’s lowered stance, accentuated by minimal wheel arch gaps, enhances its menacing presence on the road. Echoing the GV60, the G80 also features vividly painted seats, signaling a cohesive design language across the Magma series. However, akin to its sibling, concrete performance specifications are elusive, compounded by its exclusive availability within Middle Eastern markets and limited production numbers.

The Future of Magma: Anticipating Expansion

While the GV60 and G80 pave the way for Genesis’ foray into high-performance territory, the Magma lineup is poised for further expansion. The GV80, given its conceptual influence on subsequent Magma vehicles, appears a logical progression, with potential additions such as the GV70 and G70 anticipated in subsequent releases. As enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the GV60 and G80, Genesis sets the stage for a new era of automotive excellence, underlined by innovation, style, and performance.


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