This company envisions a future in which humanoid robots are as common as smartphones.

Agility Robotics
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Robotics Revolution Unveiled 

Jonathan Hurst, Co-Founder of Agility Robotics, Unveils “Digit” In a groundbreaking moment in history, Jonathan Hurst, a co-founder of Agility Robotics, introduced “Digit,” their humanoid robot, to investors and the press. He envisions a future where people can interact seamlessly with robots for various tasks. “This marks a significant turning point in history,” commented Jonathan Hurst.

Beyond Science Fiction 

Amazon’s Robot Army Grows with “Digit” “Digit” is part of Amazon’s growing fleet of robots, which already numbers over 750,000 and works alongside human employees. Initially, this bipedal humanoid will have a specific role: aiding employees in the repetitive task of tote recycling, which involves picking up and relocating empty totes once their inventory has been emptied. However, many workers across different industries are concerned about job security, and not everyone welcomes the idea of working alongside robot colleagues. For example, in Hollywood, the Writers Guild of America recently ended a prolonged strike after studio executives agreed to restrict the use of artificial intelligence, which writers feared could threaten their jobs and earnings. Actors are still on strike due to the contentious issue of using AI to create digital likenesses of performers.

Mixed Feelings in the Workforce

Job Security and Robot Colleagues Hurst countered the idea that “Digit” would immediately replace jobs, explaining that the current model is limited to tasks like loading and unloading bins, stacking items, and handling simple operations. During a recent demonstration in front of a small audience, the robot showcased its ability to operate autonomously and solve problems in real-time, thanks to the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4.0 AI into its software.

Dispelling Job Replacement Myths 

“Digit” and the Future of Work Jonathan Hurst argues that “Digit” won’t immediately replace jobs, as its current capabilities are limited to specific tasks. This bipedal robot showcased autonomous problem-solving skills, aided by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4.0 AI integration.

Scaling Up: The Future of “Digit” Production Agility Robotics plans to scale up production with the goal of producing 10,000 “Digits” annually by 2027 in their new robot factory in Oregon.

A Platform for Labor

The Vision of Agility’s Chief Technology Officer Melonee Wise, Agility’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasizes that “Digit” is more than just hardware—it’s a platform. The company aspires to create an app store for labor on this innovative platform.

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