RCK Silver Sands Women’s Wing Celebrates International Women’s Day with Empowering Events

RCK Silver Sands Women's Wing Celebrates International Women's Day with Empowering Events
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Karachi, Pakistan – March 8, 2024

The women’s wing of RCK Silver Sands hosted a two-day celebration of International Women’s Day in collaboration with the VCare Center for senior citizens. The events, held on March 6th and 7th, aimed to empower women of all ages and backgrounds.

Blind and Visually Impaired Girls Showcase Remarkable Abilities

A heartwarming highlight included blind and visually impaired girls from BINAE at VCare offering care to senior ladies. This act of kindness challenged traditional notions of empowerment, demonstrating the strength and compassion women possess regardless of physical limitations.

Women on Wheels Take Charge with Rally for Inclusivity

Adding an air of strength and unity, a powerful rally led by the female bikers of “Women on Wheels” rode alongside senior citizens. Holding placards promoting inclusivity and equity, the women advocated for safe and accessible transportation options for women on two-wheelers.

Focus on Health and Well-being for Women of All Ages

The event also addressed vital topics, including active and healthy aging with Fatima Khalfan, appropriate yoga postures for women with Yogi Wajahat, optimal nutrition with Dr. Sharmin, and mental and emotional well-being with Ms. Sarwat Shah. Notably, both men and women actively participated in discussions surrounding women’s empowerment and well-being.

Women’s Corner Cooking Competition Showcases Culinary Talent

A highlight for home-based chefs was the “Women’s Corner” cooking competition curated by Mehreen Motan. The competition served as a platform for participants to showcase their culinary skills, compete for prizes, and potentially connect with future clientele. Renowned judges Ms. Shanaz Ramzi, Chef Sarah, and Baker Saima Qadir selected the winning dishes, awarding prizes to the top three contestants.

Festivities Conclude with Shared Joy and Lasting Memories

The celebrations culminated in a joyous cake-cutting ceremony, followed by the presentation of personalized souvenirs: a framed poem from RCK Silver Sands, commemorating the strength and unity fostered through this International Women’s Day event.


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