Teradata and ActionIQ Forge Powerful Partnership for Enhanced Customer Experiences on VantageCloud

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Teradata, a leader in data analytics, and ActionIQ, a pioneer in customer data platforms, have joined forces to introduce a dynamic joint offering tailored for marketing and customer experience activations on Teradata’s VantageCloud platform. This collaboration underscores Teradata’s commitment to an open, interconnected ecosystem, with ActionIQ as a key partner. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise in advertising and marketing technology to elevate customer experiences.

Empowering Enterprises with Comprehensive Customer Insights:

The integrated solution combines the robust data capabilities of Teradata VantageCloud with ActionIQ’s modern customer experience applications. This synergy empowers businesses to access and analyze customer data across their organization, granting technical teams enhanced control. The result is a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, enabling more profound engagements and the delivery of superior experiences.

Lisa Stewart, Senior VP of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, emphasized, “The partnership between Teradata and ActionIQ is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience and driving profitable growth.” She further highlighted how businesses can unlock their customer data’s full potential, enhance agility, accelerate time-to-value, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Redefining Customer Experiences:

Tasso Argyros, ActionIQ CEO and founder, expressed the shared vision to redefine customer experiences. He noted, “Teradata’s unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ’s marketer-friendly CDP (customer data platform) position us to redefine customer experiences.” The collaboration aims to empower businesses, enabling faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance:

With Teradata VantageCloud and ActionIQ, businesses gain access to faster innovation, enhanced decision-making capabilities, and elevated customer experiences, particularly in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture enables straightforward, self-service data access for marketers, seamlessly integrating with VantageCloud for optimal performance, enterprise scale, and security.

Empowering Business Teams:

This partnership liberates business teams by providing direct but controlled access to data, enabling self-serve use cases through seamless integrations with owned and paid channels. IT and data teams benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and worry-free integrations, allowing them to redirect resources towards more strategic initiatives.

Future-Proofing Acquisition Marketing Strategies:

Through a suite of solutions tailored for Teradata VantageCloud customers, ActionIQ offers a range of tools to enhance customer experiences:

  1. ActionIQ Audience Center: A powerful audience segmentation tool that enables precise management of audience data for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer interactions.
  2. Real-Time CX: Provides real-time access to customer profiles and behavior, facilitating personalized customer experiences.
  3. IdentityPlus: Offers comprehensive identity resolution capabilities, providing deeper insights into customer identities and behaviors for more effective targeting.
  4. Journey Orchestration: A user-friendly platform for building multi-step, multi-channel customer journeys, enhancing customer engagement.

The collaboration between Teradata and ActionIQ marks a significant milestone in the realm of customer experience and marketing technology. By combining their expertise and technologies, they empower businesses to harness the full potential of their customer data, driving innovation, better decision-making, and genuine customer connections. This partnership not only strengthens the present but also future-proofs acquisition marketing strategies, fostering loyalty and retention for businesses across industries.

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