Travelers Rejoice! PIA Confirms Direct Paris Flights Return in June

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PIA Takes Flight Again: Direct Connections to Paris on the Horizon

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is soaring back into European skies, with the much-anticipated resumption of direct flights to Paris set for next month. This news comes after receiving the long-awaited safety approval from the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA).

Speaking with the Council of Economic and Energy Journalists in Islamabad, PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafiz shared the exciting development. He revealed that the crucial IASA clearance is expected to arrive this month, paving the way for the Paris route to reopen in June. This will be followed by the highly anticipated return of direct flights between Pakistan and London Heathrow Airport on August 14th.

To prepare for this European expansion, PIA has prioritized the maintenance and overhaul of its Boeing 777 fleet. Currently, seven Boeing 777s are operational, with two more expected to join the fleet within the next two months. This increased capacity will allow PIA to efficiently operate flights to Europe and Britain with a total of nine Boeing 777 aircraft.

Hafiz also pointed out Pakistan’s extensive network of air service agreements with 97 countries worldwide. However, he acknowledged that a recent shortage of aircraft and financial constraints forced PIA to limit its international flight operations to only 14 destinations.

“We are optimistic that people will choose PIA once the routes to Europe and the UK are restored,” Hafiz expressed, anticipating a significant rise in passenger demand for these popular direct flights.

PIA to resume direct flights to Paris in June - The Current

A Step Forward After Challenges

It’s important to remember the context behind this positive development. Direct flights between Pakistan and Britain were suspended in 2020. This followed a period of concern raised by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The agency placed a precautionary ban on PIA flights to Europe and the UK after a tragic airplane crash in Karachi claimed nearly 100 lives in 2020. Additionally, the emergence of a pilot license scandal further fueled EASA’s safety concerns.

Rejuvenating Connections and Boosting Business

The resumption of direct flights to the EU and UK is expected to be a major boost for PIA’s operations. Passengers in Pakistan, particularly those with family or business ties in Europe, will benefit immensely from the convenience of direct flights. This move also strengthens Pakistan’s global connectivity, making international travel more accessible.

As PIA reclaims its footprint in key European destinations, all eyes will be on the airline’s ability to maintain stringent safety standards and provide reliable service. Industry observers and passengers alike will be closely following their performance. This represents a major step forward for PIA, and with careful management, it has the potential to revitalize the airline and position it for continued success.


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