SAG-AFTRA Strikes Groundbreaking Deal with Hollywood Studios

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In a historic move, the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has unveiled the details of a groundbreaking labor deal with major Hollywood studios. The agreement, reached after days of intense negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), aims to address critical issues and end the industry’s historic strike.

SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative Deal with Studios to End Actors’ Strike

The Voting Process and Key Highlights

On Friday, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the chief negotiator and national executive director, announced that 86% of the union’s national board had voted to approve the tentative agreement. However, the deal’s terms are subject to ratification by union members, with the voting period set to begin on Tuesday and extend until the first week of December.

The comprehensive contract boasts $1 billion in new wages and benefit plan funding, marking a significant win for the actors. Union president Fran Drescher highlighted a 7% raise in most minimum payments, with successful streaming show actors receiving participation bonuses.

Embracing AI: Consent and Compensation Guardrails

One of the deal’s groundbreaking aspects is its inclusion of consent and compensation guardrails for artificial intelligence (AI). For the first time, studios must obtain informed consent for creating digital replicas of performers, detailing the intended use. This provision extends to background actors, ensuring their digital replicas cannot be used without consent.

The contract addresses the use of AI to create synthetic performers, requiring studios to secure consent for actors whose facial features are employed in AI creations. Fran Drescher emphasized the importance of these AI protections, stating they were “a dealbreaker.”

Other Key Provisions

The deal doesn’t stop at financial gains; it also introduces increased pension and health caps for the union’s benefit plan and funds. Notably, there will be provisions for appropriate hair and makeup services for all performers, as well as requirements for intimacy coordinators for scenes involving nudity or simulated sex.

End of the Strike and the Road Ahead

After nearly four months of industry shutdown, union actors were allowed to resume work after midnight on Thursday. SAG-AFTRA’s simultaneous strike with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) marked a historic double strike, with both actors and writers protesting against the studios.

While the Writers Guild ratified their deal in late September, SAG-AFTRA took additional time to reveal the terms of their agreement, emphasizing its extraordinary scope.


In conclusion, the SAG-AFTRA deal represents a significant milestone in the entertainment industry, addressing financial concerns, AI protections, and the well-being of performers. As union members prepare to cast their votes, the outcome will shape the future landscape of Hollywood labor relations.

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