Oxford Economics Ranks Global Cities: Karachi at 918

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Karachi Struggles in Global Cities Index, Islamabad and Lahore Show Room for Improvement

Pakistan’s largest cities face challenges according to the latest Global Cities Index published by Oxford Economics on Tuesday. Karachi ranked a lowly 918th out of 1,000 cities surveyed, while Islamabad and Lahore came in at 578th and 878th respectively.

The Index assesses cities across five key categories: Economics, Human Capital, Quality of Life, Environment, and Governance. Leading the pack were global powerhouses New York and London, highlighting the significant gap Pakistan’s metropolises need to bridge.

Breaking Down the Rankings

The report, compiled by Oxford Economics’ Director of City Services Mark Britton, emphasizes the importance of cities as hubs of innovation, diversity, and progress. However, Britton acknowledges the complexities involved in pinpointing what truly makes a city successful.

Islamabad, Pakistan’s highest-ranked city, secured respectable scores in the Quality of Life (772) and Environment (775) categories. However, Karachi’s low score of 612 in Human Capital raises concerns. This category assesses the collective knowledge and skills of a city’s population, a crucial factor for economic potential.

Despite a low overall ranking, Karachi did see some brighter spots. The city achieved scores of 851 in Quality of Life, 917 in Environment, and 874 in Governance.

Global Dominance: New York and London Reign Supreme

The report underscores the economic might of New York City, holding the top spot with the world’s largest urban economy and demonstrating stable growth. London followed closely behind, with both cities excelling in the Economics and Human Capital categories.

 Photo: Oxford Economics
Photo: Oxford Economics

Looking Beyond the Top

Following the top two were San Jose, Tokyo, and Paris. Notably, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman from the United Arab Emirates secured an impressive 92nd place collectively, with a standout score of 12 in the Human Capital category.

Room for Improvement Across the Board

While some cities like Dubai show promise, Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India, finds itself at the bottom of the rankings. This stark contrast emphasizes the need for continuous development across the board.

What This Means for Pakistan

Pakistan’s ranking in the Global Cities Index presents a valuable opportunity for introspection. While Islamabad performed better than Karachi and Lahore, there’s significant room for improvement in all three cities, particularly in Human Capital.

Investing in education and skill development can empower the workforce and unlock Karachi’s economic potential. Additionally, focusing on improving environmental sustainability and overall quality of life will contribute to Pakistan’s urban development.

This report serves as a call to action for Pakistani policymakers and urban planners. By addressing the identified shortcomings, Pakistan’s cities can climb the ranks and become more prosperous and livable hubs for the future.

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  • Expert Opinions and Recommendations:

    Include insights from Pakistani urban development experts or economists on how the country’s cities can improve their rankings.

  • Case Studies of Successful Cities:

    Analyze how top-ranked cities like New York or London achieved their success and identify potential strategies Pakistan can adapt.

  • Government Initiatives and Plans:

    Discuss any existing or proposed government initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and economic prospects in Pakistani cities.

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