New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Arrives, Starting at Rs. 7.5 Crore

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Toyota Unveils Ultra-Luxury Land Cruiser Prado with a Rs. 7.5 Crore Starting Price

New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Arrives, Pakistani car enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting addition to the roads! Indus Motor Company (IMC) has officially launched the highly anticipated Land Cruiser Prado, marking a significant upgrade to their product lineup.

A Blend of Heritage and Modernity

The new Land Cruiser Prado stays true to its legendary roots while embracing contemporary design elements. The exterior features a signature box-shaped cabin for a bold presence. Functionality takes center stage with improved visibility thanks to a redesigned A-pillar that minimizes blind spots and a lowered beltline for enhanced side views. Additionally, the refined hood design provides drivers with a clearer view of the vehicle’s corners, crucial for navigating challenging terrains.

A Driver-Centric Interior for Optimal Control

Step inside the Land Cruiser Prado and experience a driver-focused cockpit designed for comfort and control. The horizontal dashboard layout facilitates easy assessment of the vehicle’s inclination during off-road adventures.

Power and Efficiency: Choosing Your Perfect Prado

IMC understands the diverse needs of Pakistani drivers. That’s why the all-new Land Cruiser Prado comes in two exciting powertrain options:

  • 2.8L Diesel:

    This powerhouse engine delivers exceptional performance, perfect for tackling rugged terrains. (Ex-factory price: PKR 75,550,000)

  • 2.7L Petrol:

    Offering a balance of power and fuel efficiency, this option caters to drivers who prioritize both performance and economy. (Ex-factory price: PKR 66,600,000)

A Luxurious SUV for Every Adventure

The Land Cruiser Prado isn’t just about power and functionality. It’s a luxurious SUV designed for comfort and style. With its premium features and refined design, the Prado is ready to elevate your everyday driving experience, whether navigating city streets or venturing off the beaten path.

Indus Motor Strengthens its SUV Portfolio

The launch of the Land Cruiser Prado reaffirms Indus Motor Company’s commitment to providing Pakistani drivers with a diverse range of SUVs that cater to various needs and preferences.


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