Local Innovation: Karachi Students Build Fuel-Sipping “Thunderer” Car

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SOS TTI and Shell Pakistan Rev Up Innovation: Eco-Friendly “Thunderer” Debuts in Karachi

A Pioneering Collaboration Ushers in Hands-on Learning for Karachi’s Youth

A landmark collaboration between the SOS Technical Training Institute (SOS TTI) and Shell Pakistan has culminated in the remarkable launch of an eco-friendly car, aptly named “Thunderer.” This pioneering initiative marks a significant shift in educational approaches, transitioning from traditional assignments to real-world, hands-on technical involvement for Karachi’s youth.

From Proposal to Reality: Fueling Practical Engineering Skills

The project, originally proposed by Shell Pakistan and solidified through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in March 2023, stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering practical engineering skills. This noteworthy investment of Rs. 1.3 million aimed to equip young minds with invaluable technical expertise.

The “Thunderer,” a sleek, single-seater car boasting an aluminum chassis, embodies the project’s success. Measuring 9.6 feet in length and 4 feet in width, this marvel of engineering is powered by a fuel-efficient 100 CC EFI engine, capable of achieving an impressive 50 kilometers per liter.

A Collaborative Effort: From Design to Completion

The “Thunderer’s” development unfolded on the very grounds of SOS TTI. Students and faculty members collaborated on every stage, from the initial design phase to the final assembly. The meticulous process involved chassis construction, engine installation, machining of wheel rims, and the meticulous installation of wheels, shock absorbers, and a comprehensive braking system.

The project further challenged the team with intricate electrical works and the fabrication of a mold for the car’s fiberglass body. Witnessing the culmination of their dedication and acquired skills, the students undoubtedly gained invaluable practical experience.

A Ceremony Celebrating Collaboration and Achievement

The launch ceremony, held at the Infaq Foundation campus in Korangi, Karachi, resonated with pride and accomplishment. Students enrolled in SOS TTI’s diverse range of 6-month vocational courses, representing underprivileged communities across Korangi and Karachi, were present to witness the unveiling.

The ceremony also welcomed esteemed guests, including representatives from Shell Pakistan, SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh, and the Infaq Foundation.

SOS TTI & Shell Pakistan Launch Eco-Friendly Car 'Thunderer'

Highlighting Milestones and Embracing the Future

Comdr (r) Khalid Wasim, Principal of SOS TTI, emphasized the project’s educational significance. He lauded the team for adhering to the strict timeline, completing the project by the end of April 2024. He further underscored the groundbreaking nature of this collaboration, marking the first time a vocational institute, rather than a traditional university, had undertaken such a complex project.

Ms. Nida Tanzeel, Social Performance Manager at Shell Pakistan, commended the entire SOS TTI team for their exceptional proficiency and efficiency. She reiterated Shell’s unwavering commitment to supporting initiatives that empower young men and women with crucial skills in technology and related fields.

“The team’s remarkable achievement in completing the project on time and within budget underscores the true measure of success,” she remarked.

Empowering Youth Through Innovation

Senator (r) Javed Jabbar, Chairman of SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh, acknowledged the philanthropic contributions that fueled this project, including the generous support of Ms. Ava Cowasjee. He further emphasized the project’s importance in empowering young people with technical skills. In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, embracing creativity and innovation holds immense value, he asserted.

A Team Effort and a Look Forward

Mr. Yacoob Zamindar, Chairman Emeritus of SOS Sindh, delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of Mr. Sanaullah Qurieshi, the indisposed Chairman of SOS-TTI. The project’s dedicated team, led by Mr. Muhammad Abdullah, Head of the Motor Cycle Department at TTI, received well-deserved recognition. The team members, including trainees Mr. Danyal Riaz, Ms. Maima Faraz, Mr. Habib Ullah, and Mr. M. Faisal, were lauded for their invaluable contributions throughout this challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

The “Thunderer” is poised to set a new standard for eco-friendly transportation, achieving impressive fuel efficiency and minimal emissions while utilizing readily available petrol. This initiative transcends the realm of a single car; it represents a substantial leap forward in practical technical education and establishes a precedent for future collaborations between corporate entities and vocational training institutes.

The “Thunderer” roars not just with engine power, but with the promise of a brighter future for Karachi’s youth, equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation.

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