Hard Mtn Dew Offers Free Wedding with a Twist: You’re Invited to Crash the Party

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Hard Mtn Dew continues its unique approach to distinguish itself from the crowded landscape of hard sodas, seltzers, and ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Through experiential marketing, it blends Mtn Dew’s bold brand voice with the liberating allure of alcohol.

Their latest endeavor offers a free wedding to a couple willing to proclaim their love with an “I Dew” in front of an audience of potential wedding crashers. The man and maid of honor are randomly selected on-site, adding an element of surprise to the celebration. Interestingly, wedding crashing, famously depicted in the 2005 comedy, statistically impacts 1 out of every 14 weddings, according to data from the Wedding Venue Professionals Association.

As the costs and complexities of traditional weddings rise, and COVID-19 influences gathering plans, younger couples are redefining the concept of weddings. This shift aligns with the changing preferences of younger consumers who are exploring alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages.

Erica Taylor, senior brand director for Hard Mtn Dew, noted the brand’s admiration for the passionate Hard Mtn Dew fanbase, embracing their unconventional spirit.

This initiative follows previous stunts, such as awarding a trip to Las Vegas for a consumer who “married” a can of Hard Mtn Dew and hosting a spring break event at a retirement community. Notably, this product, a collaboration between PepsiCo and Boston Beer Company, joins the trend of connecting brand loyalty to real wedding ceremonies, a concept initially introduced by Taco Bell in 2017.

In summary, Hard Mtn Dew’s inventive marketing approach continues to captivate consumers, offering them unique experiences that transcend the ordinary, much like the brand itself.

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