Facebook and Instagram introduce a subscription option without advertisements for users in the European Union.

Facebook and Instagram introduce a subscription option without advertisements for users in the European Union.
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Facebook and Instagram are introducing subscription services across much of Europe that will eliminate advertisements from their platforms.

Users of Meta-owned platforms will have the option to subscribe for an ad-free experience at a monthly cost of €9.99 (£8.72). Notably, this service won’t be available in the UK.

In January, Meta faced a €390 million fine for violating EU data regulations related to advertisements. The regulator emphasized that Meta couldn’t compel users to provide consent by stating that they must either accept data usage terms or exit the platforms.

Starting in November, this subscription tier will be exclusively offered to individuals in the EU, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. Initially, it will only be accessible to users aged 18 and older, with Meta exploring ways to deliver ads to young users in the EU while complying with the regulations.

Meta has clarified that the introduction of its new subscription service is aimed at addressing the concerns raised by the European Union, rather than being primarily profit-driven.

In a blog post, the company stated, “We believe in an ad-supported internet, which gives people access to personalized products and services regardless of their economic status.” They further explained, “The option for people to purchase a subscription for no ads balances the requirements of European regulators while giving users choice and allowing Meta to continue serving all people in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland.”

Meta expressed its commitment to respecting the evolving European regulations and complying with them, highlighting its dedication to upholding the spirit and purpose of these regulations.

Users will have the option to make a choice: they can either continue using the platforms for free, agreeing to have their data collected for targeted advertising, or they can opt for a paid subscription to completely eliminate targeted ads.

It’s worth noting that users opting for the paid subscription might end up paying more than the initial monthly fee. An additional €3 per month will be charged if the subscription is paid for through iOS or Android, which accounts for the additional fees imposed by these mobile platforms.

However, users can avoid this extra charge by subscribing to the platform through the Facebook and Instagram websites, rather than using the mobile apps.

Starting from March 2024, users will face increased charges for each additional account they maintain on these platforms, including both business and personal accounts.

This move follows Elon Musk’s X, previously known as Twitter, introducing a Premium+ service at a cost of £16 per month, offering an ad-free experience. Additionally, there is a more budget-friendly subscription option on X that retains ads but provides users with the ability to edit their posts. There’s also the standard premium tier on X, which offers various benefits, including the coveted blue checkmark verification.

TikTok has been experimenting with a monthly subscription option to remove ads, with a price set at $4.99.

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